For Employers

Are you feeling the pressure to reduce costs while still providing top-notch patient care delivery?

T & T Staffing is dedicated to providing flexible staffing solutions to the healthcare industry. Our solutions can reduce your single largest line item cost while meeting service delivery requirements.

Temporary Solutions

Ever have a need for a qualified professional on short notice? T&T can provide you with skilled, experienced candidates quickly and with precision. We can also help you handle vacation replacements, special projects, seasonal peaks, leaves of absence, unexpected vacancies and staff fluctuations.

And we guarantee you’ll get the right person, right away.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the first professional your staffing consultant sends, call within the first 4 hours of the first day. We’ll pay for the day. No hassles. No risk. And no cost to you. And we’ll replace that person immediately.

Temp-to-Hire Solutions

Ever wish you could give job candidates a tryout before assigning them to your team? Temp-to-hire lets you do just that. You send us a req, we’ll send you a candidate that matches, to work for a set trial period. After this period is over, you can decide whether or not you’d like to hire the employee full-time. If not? No harm, no foul. No uncomfortable discussions. The employee finishes the assignment and moves on.

Better hires. Less risk. When you can evaluate a candidate in a true work setting, you can make better hiring decisions—without spending the time and money, then finding out you’ve made a mistake.

Direct Hire

On average, it takes six to ten weeks to hire a professional employee. Do you have that kind of time? T & T Staffing will develop a hiring strategy specific to your company. We’ll recruit, screen, interview and present only those candidates who meet or exceed the qualifications of the position you need to fill.

You’ll never incur any expenses or obligations until you actually hire a T & T professional. You’ll also avoid:

  • Spending countless hours reviewing resumes and screening inquiries
  • Interviewing several candidates without finding a match
  • Allowing key tasks and productivity to slide while checking references
  • Spiraling labor costs and lost production as the search continues

T & T cares about your bottom line. You’ll save time and productivity by only interviewing qualified, prescreened and tested applicants.

  • We are JCAHO and HIPAA compliant.
  • We competency test using Prove It medical testing.
  • We make sure all of our candidates are certified/licensed and up-to-date in their certifications and licenses.